What Grocery Stores Are Open On New Year’s Day 2024? Open Close Guide about Stores

Do you think you thought about your grocery shopping trip to celebrate the New Year? If you plan to cook at home to feed your visitors during the New Year make sure to purchase the food items in advance since not all stores are in operation for business on New Year’s Day. If you’re someone who shops at the last minute, then we’ve put together a list of grocery stores that are open during New Day. day. You can look through the list and find out what stores are open, and, consequently, which one you should go to buy food items.

Are Grocery stores Closed on New Year’s Day 2024?

The New Year is near and we’d like to wish you the best of luck on this New Year’s Day in the lead. When it comes to the New Year families gather to celebrate the first day of the new year in the best unforgettable way. We eat, chat about, dance, celebrate, and do whatever we want to do.

See the list of Stores that is closed on 1st January 2024.

  • Aldi
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club
  • Trader Joe’s

Grocery Stores Open On New Year’s Day 2022?

Are Grocery Stores Open On New Year’s Day 2024?

See the Full List & check your desired store that is open or not on new year’s day or Eve 2024.

  • Albertsons: open regular hours
  • Target: open until 9 P.M.
  • Walmart: open regular hours
  • Wegman’s: open until 8 P.M.
  • Whole Foods: open until 8 P.M.
  • Hy-Vee: open 24 hours
  • Kroger: open until 10 P.M.
  • Publix: open until 9 P.M.
  • Safeway: open until 11 P.M.
  • Stop & Shop: open regular hours

However, a few chains of grocery stores will be open regardless of whether New Year’s Day is a federal holiday. If you’re looking to shop for New Year’s Day 2024 itself then make sure to check the list of stores that will be open and pay a visit to pick up all the necessities. We all know that New Year’s Day is a federal holiday, which means that almost all offices and businesses will be closed according to the regulations of the federal government.

See the most popular stores that are open on New Year’s Day are down here for your convenience. Check out the list to see if your favourite grocery store list, or not. If you look up the store’s name store you will be able to tell whether the store is located close to your home or away. So Are Grocery Stores Open On New Year’s Day? Yes, Grocery stores are opened on new year’s day 2024.

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