Chinese New Year 2022 Calendar, Dates: Year of the Tiger

The Chinese new year is about to start and all the people are worried about the Chinese new year 2022 calendar. So visitors to this website will come to know about the Chinese new year 2022 calendar. Here we have all the information about the holidays which will occur this year. Firstly we discuss the Chinese new year holidays which are very important for Chinese people and it starts on the 1st day of the lunar and ends on the 15th of the lunar.

As we all know Chinese make their calendar according to the lunar dates. And their all holidays come according to lunar. In this new year, the people of China will enjoy the longest festival of spring, which is around about 2 weeks. Publicly holidays are seven but some private companies will reopen after a longer period ( after 15 days). Chinese have much longer holidays of the new year than others.

Chinese New Year 2022 Calendar

The Chinese new year 2022 starts from midnight on the 1st of February (night of Monday and morning of Tuesday) and it will end on the morning of 15th February (night of Thursday). Actually, the reason behind the longest holidays is that they welcome the coming of the spring season. It is observed that the Chinese new year always starts somewhere between January and February.

Chinese New Year 2022 Calendar, Dates: Year of the Tiger

Tuesday, 1 February Chinese New Year 2022

Now let’s look for other holidays which occur this year. 14th of February is also a holiday that occurs this year because of valentine. On the 1st of May, there is another holiday of Labour Day. So, on June 25 there is another holiday dragon boat festival. On October 1st, another holiday of autumn. On March 8 another holiday of International Women’s Day. On October 1st to 8th another holiday of national. On the 4th of May holiday of Youth day. 1st June is the day of children’s day. There is another important holiday that occurs on the 1st of August of Army day.

Year of the Tiger 2022 Calendar

The important festivals that occur this year are: 1st is Ming festival, 2nd is Women day, 3rd is Army day, 4th one is Dragon festival, 5th one is labour day, 6th is valentine day, 7th is new year festival, 8th is spring festival, 9th is National Day, 10th is youth day. This information gives you knowledge about the Chinese new year 2022 calendar. And you can arrange your hangout according to this calendar. And this calendar will help you to arrange your weddings, your grand dinners and anything else.

We created this calendar because many people are worried about the Chinese new year 2022 calendar it will help you in many fields of life. We hope you will get a lot of information about the calendar.

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